Sakti Sadhana – The Woman’s Path

At some point in July last year or the year before (due to corona times I have lost the track of time), I felt the urge to start sharing THAT, what I have practiced and found useful for keeping or restoring 🙂 my own balance as a wife of an Indian guru, mother, yogīnī, cow caretaker, since 1 year a home schooler for both Indian and Czech schools, occasional cook of the South Indian cuisine, ashram administrator and occasional member of the ashram police squad. 🙂 No really, sometimes it goes overboard and the more I longed for a practice tailored to my needs mainly as a WOMAN juggling between Indian present and European samskāras. At the beginning it was just a feeling, a thought , but without any form. With the encouragement of my husband, I started teaching THAT – amongst storms, power and internet failures, daughter and workers interventions 🙂 I decided to teach as long as there is at least 1 student. Then, without student there is no teacher. And to be honest, which process happens without dedication and continuous effort?! After 9 months of “gestation”, THAT is taking its shape. We are a group of 8 women, who are ready to listen to me and share. This process has been of utmost significance in my path as a medium, a bridge between 2 cultures, between East and West, between Indian traditional yoga meant for men and the cyclic yoga for women, between shadow and light. And what has THAT called śakti sādhana become? Śakti sādhana has expressed HERself in the form of mudras, mantras, prāna, symbolism, nāda (sound), yoga nidrā, bhakti (path of devotion and love), sangha (community power). Our class runs on Saturdays via Zoom at 7 am most of Europe. My gratitude goes to all the śaktas sharing this space and to @yonishaktiwellness and @umadinsmoretuli for granting me the affirmation on my path.