Live as Even Your Belly Fat Was Devi’s Grace

Live as even your belly fat was Devī’s grace…

This statement might seem somewhat funny at the first read, but a greater truth is concealed behind it.

Looking at my round belly, that is very different than 5 years ago, this statement popped up in my mind.

When we have a plan and the plan comes out the way we expect, we are happy. But does it really ever? And is it really possible as the universe does not function according to the mind’s plan of one single person. Mostly the plan is not aligned with our expectation. Then what happens? We resist. We want to change it. Anger comes.

Then what if we see everything as given to us. Not good not bad. Given to us for a reason. You don’t have to think directly of śakti or god. Maybe some higher ideal you believe in, over which you have no control. Like the belly fat in my case. 😂

Have a great day. Take your life lightly, however fully present. How os your acceptance level? Do you struggle to accept something in your life? Pssst…. I tell you a secret. It is not my belly fat I struggle with but the people who skip the line in India. 😤