When you have no choice, you are free

You might argue just the opposite: real freedom is the freedom to choose.

This reminds me of a quote that I posted a while ago: “Suffering is the resistance to what is.” Just imagine that you choose something according to your like or dislike which is not available at the given moment.

As I am myself a coffee fan, I bring the example of choice – Starbucks vs South Indian bakery. When you go to Starbucks, you will see a long list of options: cold coffee or hot coffee, with flavour or without flavour, with topping or without topping. How many thoughts have to pass through your head to buy 1 coffee?! And we call this freedom – freedom of choice. Then, take a South Indian bakery: coffee or tea? If you are lucky, they will make one without sugar… 😉

I tested this on several occasions in critical situations when my mind had no choice. First time it was during our traveling in Bhutan when Gayatri got hospitalized in an ICU and her chances of survival were 50/50. The past days I tested this with Nandini, our calf, as I had to bring her to the hospital for drip everyday. That time my mind has no other choice but to focus and I experienced a meditative effect. Only afterwards, when I started thinking about how much I have done, tiredness started creeping in. Not from the actual events, but from the thought that I was being busy. Isn’t it interesting.

Therefore, it is never the reality that make us suffer, but our thoughts and emotions about the current events.