Playful But Involved

Don’t take life too serious. However, stay fully involved.” This quote from Sadhguru of Isha Yoga resonates with me very much

There were a few incidents in the past weeks that led me back to this thought. The Czech writer Veronika Hurdova also writes about this in her latest book “Agata a zakazana hora”. This was Agata’s, the 11 old girl’s last lesson to learn, before she could fully uncover her life purpose.

One of my friend made a post on FB, as she was returning on a plane from Asia and next to her sat a fully covered lady with mask, glasses and even a hood, probably trying to protect her from Covid. The reaction to this post were the following: “She has so much fear. You should cough loudly next to her. Some people have gone mad.” First of all, we don’t know what her reason might be. She might be not afraid at all, but might have a secondary disease which in case of covid infection, might prove fatal. Or maybe she just likes to wear a hood which resembles a fluffy deer. Who knows?!

The question is: do we really need to know? Does it help, if we immediately judge? We might spend our whole life by thinking what is right and wrong. Should we do this or that. Is it the right thing I have done or not. Can we know for definite?

Isn’t it better to move away from different hypothesis of our own mind and instead involvein the present situation with our full enthusiasm and skill?

I think so. Have a peaceful and involved Sunday!