Mirror,mirror on the Wall…

If you have been following my posts, you might have read my post a few days ago, about the change I had been experiencing in the past two years – from being extroverted and moving out a lot to preferring to stay at home with plants and animals.
Well, there is another change I noticed while taking a walk along the beach this morning. I used to be concerned, naturally, about how the local people see me here in India as I didn’t want to offend anyone. I was being over-conscious and always in the state of emergency. Today, I realized that that is no more the case. It’s not that I am no more concerned about other people, but my inner attitude towards this situation changed. When I realized this a story came up in my mind that my husband used to tell during our yoga trainings: About the Dog and the Temple of Thousand Mirrors.
Once upon a time, in a remote Indian village there was an abandoned temple. Nearby lived a pack of dogs, who never used to enter the temple as they were frightened of the other pack of wicked dogs living there.
One day a dog from the neighbouring village came and joined this pack. As he was a friendly chap, the pack accepted him and immediately issued a warning: “You can stay with us, but never go to the abandoned temple at the foothill of the mountain. There are 1000 wicked dogs living there.” The dog agreed and lived happily with the pack.
One day, he went on a stroll and suddenly ended up at the entrance door of the abandoned temple. He was curious to know about these other dogs, even though his pack warned him. He entered the temple and suddenly he saw 1000 mirrors surrounding him. In each mirror he saw a friendly dog happily waving his tail.
This was also my case. As I was going about my life worried that I dwelled in the energy of worry and attracted the same. The moment I started acting in compliance with my own nature and showing up authentically, even though unfamiliar for the local people, I started receiving the same energy back along with acceptance and tolerance of my authenticity.
Again and again, everything unwinds from our own attitude with which we relate to the world. And that’s a good thing, right? Because the own attitude we may be able to change.