Breast Health: The Bra No-Go Story

I remember years ago, I thought judgmental about my friend not wearing a bra. All these justifications would pop up in my mind that I had heard from my familiar circles while growing into a young woman: “It’s important for your breast health to wear a bra. If you don’t wear a bra, your breasts will sag.” I never really minded saggy breasts but the health warning was important for me. Sounds familiar anyone?

Then one day, the Covid pandemic came and India went into a complete lockdown which meant that you were confined to your home for a few months. It was getting summer in Kerala which means 35 degrees and 75% humidity. As I was not going out I stopped wearing a bra just for the comfort of it… And to tell you the truth, never put it on ever since. Sounds almost like a fairy tale, right? I came to the following conclusions (my own experience only): My breast sensitivity increased, so that I felt more connection with the heart. And surprise! My breast firmness increased.
Wearing a bra has nothing to do with breast health, but it is mainly a product of the centuries long patriarchal rule that breasts and mainly nipples should not show and provoke. This was a revolutionary revelation to me just like years ago when I started living in India about the uselessness of the toilet paper 🧻 except for wiping off oil spills. 😉

What have I learnt from this experience? Never judge somebody for doing things differently, as the time might not yet be ripe for you do do them the same way. Inspect your habits and thinking patterns thoroughly. They might be just another adopted clichés that block your personal growth. 🙏🏽