Good-bye Perfectionism!

I was inspired to write this article by a short chat with Sarka Vojackova. She posted a live video clip from behind the scenes of her online yoga class. Guess what? Microphone is not working, picture is not clear….

This sounds very familiar to my own class set up in India. Sometimes electricity doesn’t work for a whole day, so that all back ups are empty. At times, visitors come without prior notice and you have to welcome them and make tea. At times, workers whom you called three times, suddenly walk into the middle of your class and start repairing the AC while you try to keep your focus on the womb energies. Sounds funny, doesn’t it? And finally it is, if you don’t take life too seriously.
No matter, which challenges I come across in my life, one motto has helped me: good-bye perfectionism! We always want to have things the way we plan. We want them to happen our way. But what is the reality? Mostly, everything happens differently and many times with even a better outcome, which we could not plan or think of. How many times I told myself during yoga classes or pilgrimages: this you could not plan, even if you wanted to.

You can plan, have a vision, but it is good to keep in mind, that the final outcome is not in your hands. Then how could your limited mind understand the metaphysics of the universe and its’ invisible forces?

In this regard, India has been a great teacher. At the beginning, nothing is possible. If you persist, you will find some changes and at the end everything works out, even though not according to your exact plan. Just ask some students or participants of our south India pilgrimages, that we hope to resume soon. Imperfectionism is the beauty of creation. In this regards, imperfectionism is the new perfectionism.

with all my imperfectionism