A Rich Man’s Son…

Today, during my morning jogging session (10 min around the block) I passed the house at the end of our dead end street. One plank from the fencing was broken off, so I could take a peak inside. To my surprise the house looked run down and grown over by weeds.
I remembered when I was small, I used to play there with the neighbour’s son feeding ants to the antlions. In my memory the house and the surroundings were always kept in excellent shape as the owner was a millionaire and took good care of his property.
In that moment, one Kerala proverb popped into my mind: “A rich man’s son will become a spendthrift. A spendthrift’s son will become poor. A poor man’s son will become miser. A miser’s son will become rich…”
Prosperity is about attitude, not about what was given to you.