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You can choose your friends but not your family

When a yoga therapy participant asked about these pictures yesterday hanging above our house entrance, these thoughts came up in my mind. 💭 One Indian tradition I embraced is honoring my parents and the ancestral lineage. Each Indian house will display a photo of the deceased father and mother in their living room to remember […]

Old is Gold  – About Honest Relationships

Because we have my mother-in-law here for a couple of weeks, this impression comes to my mind.  When I look back 9 or 10 years ago, I always thought, my husband and his mother were constantly fighting judging from the tone and volume of their conversation. But no way! Now I know that they have […]

Playful But Involved

Don’t take life too serious. However, stay fully involved.” This quote from Sadhguru of Isha Yoga resonates with me very much There were a few incidents in the past weeks that led me back to this thought. The Czech writer Veronika Hurdova also writes about this in her latest book “Agata a zakazana hora”. This […]

Happy New Year!

Wish you all a happy new year from Kerala! Today, is Vishu and according to the Malayalam calendar a new year starts. On this day, the most significant event is the sighting of the Vishukkani during dawn, which is believed to bring luck throughout the year. In Malayalam, the word ‘kani’ means ‘that which is […]

Chipmunk’s Butterfly Effect

Do you know the mythological story about how the chipmunk got the three stripes on its’ back? This story dates back to the 7th – 5th century BCE, when the ancient epic of India, Rāmāyana, was written down. In one of the subplots, the demon Rāvana kidnapped Sīta, lord Rāma’s wife, and brought her to […]

Good-bye Perfectionism!

I was inspired to write this article by a short chat with Sarka Vojackova. She posted a live video clip from behind the scenes of her online yoga class. Guess what? Microphone is not working, picture is not clear…. This sounds very familiar to my own class set up in India. Sometimes electricity doesn’t work […]

Sakti Sadhana – The Woman’s Path

At some point in July last year or the year before (due to corona times I have lost the track of time), I felt the urge to start sharing THAT, what I have practiced and found useful for keeping or restoring my own balance as a wife of an Indian guru, mother, yogīnī, cow caretaker, […]

Today is Sivaratri!

You can dance, sing, pray or chant om namah śivāya. Connect with the energy of śiva, who is the compassionate destroyer of old and dysfunctional. Śiva represents the male linear energy which exists in us women also. We need this energy to reach goals and to clearly set our limits. This is what Sadhguru  of  Isha Foundation  says […]

Newspaper Tradition

Morning rāga alias newspaper reading. When I moved to Kerala, a small state in South India in 2009 – due to a huge cultural and religious diversity in India I feel entitled to write only about this state ( not mentioning the religious and caste differences) – I was amazed by the fact that even […]

Nevertheless, I kept going…

Under normal circumstances, we have a cook at our ashram. When the lockdown in India started in March, from one day to another, our staff was not allowed to come including our cook. My worst nightmare came true. I had to cook local Kerala food which involves cooking from a scratch, cooking on fire and […]