India, My Love!

Today, I am a proud foreigner residing in India.


💫Because human values still prevail over materialism.
💫Because children are loved.
💫Because nature is worshipped as sacred.
💫Because you will be fed in every household when you are hungry.
💫Because as a guest you will be given the host’s bed to sleep in.
💫Because old age means respect and not uselessness.
💫Because Mother is God.
💫Because a prayer will be chanted before the supermarket opens for customers (including the customers).
💫Because rules are all about exceptions.
💫Because teacher profession is respected due to the responsibility for further generations.
💫Because cow is considered a member of a household.
💫Because as foreigner people try to help rather than put you down.

because India is giving away Covid vaccines free to other countries, while other pharmaceutical companies are stuffing their pockets and claiming not to have enough.

Photo credit:

Petra Schüssler