Nevertheless, I kept going…

Under normal circumstances, we have a cook at our ashram. When the lockdown in India started in March, from one day to another, our staff was not allowed to come including our cook. My worst nightmare came true. I had to cook local Kerala food which involves cooking from a scratch, cooking on fire and gas, warm breakfasts… sounds yummy? It it, but then it is a full time job – hours in the kitchen and piles of dishes. Homeschooling, garden work and taking care of cow and hen were meant for relaxation. Many days I felt despair and helplessness. Many days I blamed India and Indian cooking: “I am not a housewife! I am not a servant! I am from the West! I am a yoga teacher!” Nevertheless, I kept going…

Today, I look back at those days with a humble smile. Today, I teach our new young helper how to cook Kerala food at a speed of light. 💫
Most actions don’t have immediate effect. Some fruits of action arrive after a few hours, days or even years.

How come? That is the law of karma. Do righteous actions and you will enjoy its’ fruits.
The quality and purpose of our actions decide if our fruits are going to be ripe and sweet 🍉 or we are going to bite into a sour apple 🍏. Mostly we don’t have a choice. Personal freedom doesn’t mean to have a choice.the real freedom is the ability to gracefully accept the given reality and learn.

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