Sometimes it’s all about food

One of the reason, why the minds of Indians haven’t been much inflicted by the corona crisis, apart from their immense capacity of acceptance, is direct access to clean food – food being one of the basic human commodities, apart from shelter, medical care and education.
Let me give you an example…
When was the last time you or your children saw a grain of wheat? Do you know where the grains in your bread come from and how they were processed?

I am saying all this not to make you bad conscience, but to become more aware.
This whole story came to my mind while I was drying wheat after rinsing the grains for bringing to the mill, where they grind it to wheat flour. You might say: what a process! But isn’t finally the technological progress, which meant to make our lives easier, one of the reasons, why people get more psychosomatic diseases these days? It is easy to fall for it, but not easy to come out.
Many Indians complain about the low quality of food and other items, but doesn’t this make you more aware about what you allow to land on your plate? In the West we see the sticker Organic and we don’t bother any further.
Therefore: Jaya to imperfection, because that is creation!