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A Rich Man’s Son…

Today, during my morning jogging session (10 min around the block) I passed the house at the end of our dead end street. One plank from the fencing was broken off, so I could take a peak inside. To my surprise the house looked run down and grown over by weeds. I remembered when I […]

Who makes out your reality?

Today early morning, as part of my small self-love challenge, where I post one motivation affirmation on social media everyday, I was not vigilant enough and slipped into mindless scrolling. How easily that happens! I came across an Australian supermodel’s profile. Because the topic of external image and appearance have not been part of my […]

Adjust, adopt, accommodate OR what is MY yoga all about?

Yesterday, in an internet discussion about vegetarianism, where I was its advocate, I was called “a stupid cow” by the objector. I can only agree that with the word “cow”, that he was not far from the truth. Today morning, in midst of my daily duties of making the Kerala breakfast, giving water to cow, […]

Self-love and Nudity

Perhaps I am growing older and more free and unbound… I am not sure. I have reached a level of comfort in the Indian culture, where I am ready to expose my “sinful parts” like shoulders, ankles and oh, dear! my calfs… 🙂 I am absolutely not trying to revolutionise the traditional Indian culture. I […]