Yoga Class Series for Women

January 23, 2021 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm Asia/Kolkata Timezone
Yoga Class Series for Women

When I did my yoga teacher’s training in 2006, asana, pranayama and relaxation – classical yogic practices – were sufficient for balancing my physical, emotional and mental state. Only after entering into married life, moving to a different country (sometimes it feels like to a different planet) and especially after the birth of my daughter, this kind of practice was not sufficient. I started looking for something that would nurture me on a more subtle level and fulfil me on all levels of my female personality as wife, mother, daughter and mainly as a woman. I felt that it was not sufficient to have one and the same practice all 30 days in a month. Physical, emotional and mental changes became more present throughout the month. Instead of neglecting them like I did before, I started seeing them as a boon or siddhis (powers) that I could use for different tasks and situations.
Once I started living in connection with the natural monthly cycle, I also started feeling a deeper connection not only with myself and my female energies, but also with other women in my life and even my female ancestors. Thanks to this recognition, I started to act more compassionately and kindly with myself and others. I discovered self-love. I found that ambition, efficiency, consumerism and goal orientation – source of happiness as per the modern society – became insignificant and qualities such as care, nurturing, gentleness, yet firmness and power started prevailing.

In this course, I would like to gently guide other women back to the connection with the original feminine nature, back to their power that each of us has inside. By reconnecting to our divine feminine nature, we create a safe space where old wounds may heal, where contradicting feelings and emotions may coexist, where old can be released and something new and magical created.

This is a 90 min drop-in class, but over time we will form a stable group to progress on our journey. The class will take place on Saturdays at 6 am UK, 7am Europe, 8 am Bulgaria. If you would like to join, please drop me an email at [email protected] or Whattsapp me +420-776193556.

These classes are donation based as before. Half of the profit goes towards a charitable cause. With previous donations, we could sponsor a drinking water filter for a local primary school. The next project is dental braces for a girl from orphanage, who has done her Yoga teacher’s training at Arsha Yoga.

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Shakti Sadhana is like coming home.
If you are open for something new following your instincts (6th sense or now better saying your heart): something wonderful can start to happen. Over a number of classes practicing soft and mindful asanas, mudras and yoga Nidra I started, feeling my heart, feeling my heart breathing and and how it’s getting connected with my womb. I never thought about being different by being a woman – I felt being a human being, being my self in a suitable female body… This did not change during my motherhood and not during the number of years practicing Hatha yoga. And now the change has begun.
The way Meera teaches the shakti yoga practices immediately touched my self / my heart – I always feel like coming home. Coming home to my female SELF. Meera teaches her Yoga and Shakti wisdom along with a deep understanding of the western and as well Indian world into the whole world along with Asanas, Mudras and Yoga Nidra. It is an international class (thanks to Zoom, a video conferencing technology) with wonderful other ladies from different cultures and countries. I can feel the power of women being connected all over the world.
Thank you Meera 🙏🏻

Om sarva mangala mangalye śive sarvārtha sādhike śaraṇye tṛyambake gauri nārāyanī namosthute.