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Today is Sivaratri!

You can dance, sing, pray or chant om namah śivāya. Connect with the energy of śiva, who is the compassionate destroyer of old and dysfunctional. Śiva represents the male linear […]

Newspaper Tradition

Morning rāga alias newspaper reading. When I moved to Kerala, a small state in South India in 2009 – due to a huge cultural and religious diversity in India I […]

Nevertheless, I kept going…

Under normal circumstances, we have a cook at our ashram. When the lockdown in India started in March, from one day to another, our staff was not allowed to come […]

India, My Love!

Today, I am a proud foreigner residing in India. WHY? Because human values still prevail over materialism. Because children are loved. Because nature is worshipped as sacred. Because you will […]

Power of Mantra

For many, mantra sounds like a hex from Harry Potter. However, mantra is a scientific tool to literally cleanse our mind. How and from what? The Sanskrit word Mantra मन्त्र […]

IQ vs EQ

For years now, I have been moving between and living with two completely different cultures such as the traditional Indian and the modern Western. This made me think and rethink […]

Sometimes it’s all about food

One of the reason, why the minds of Indians haven’t been much inflicted by the corona crisis, apart from their immense capacity of acceptance, is direct access to clean food […]


Today morning, after a few days of heavy rainfall due to the cyclone on the other coast of India, I ventured out to the beach in front of our house […]