Beauty and the Beast OR Pet or the Beast?

I am sure that after publishing this article I might lose a few FB friendships, as “pets” is an emotionally loaded topic, but I am going to write it anyway. Just stay cool, lean back and if you get emotionally deranged, you can still go to your pet and seek comfort.

No seriously, I have always been an animal lover. Ask my parents! I have taken dogs home from the street that I knew that I was not allowed to keep….but only a few hours, you know….. I also had animal hair allergy, so the “bold” animals I was allowed to keep were reptiles – no, unfortunately, I was not allowed to keep a snake, but I had a turtle and a tortoise and I was the head manager of my own Extatostoma tiaratum breeding station. Those, who are not familiar with this cute little pet, please extend your knowledge here: Read more

Death? Not me!

In Czech we have a saying: “Pokud nejde o život, tak jde o hovno.” (freely translated as “If your life is not in threat, don’t give a shit.”) However, the science of yoga tells us that even if your life is in threat, it shouldn’t cause much havoc inside of you.

Abhinivesha, fear of the unknown or fear of death, is one of the 5 kleshas, impediments on the spiritual path. In the second chapter in the Sutra #9 the rishi Patanjali says, that abhinivesha is the source of all other kleshas (dwesha – despising, raga – liking, asmita – ego identification, avidya – ignorance). Abhinivesha, the fear of death is imbedded in all regardless of gender, cast or creed and becomes stronger with progressing age mainly because of the identification with our physical body. The yogic science says that if we cannot overcome this fear, we are bound to the cycle of rebirth.

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