Modern science accepts the fact that most ailments get into the body through stress in the mind and are known as psychosomatic diseases. Many hereditary diseases also make their way into the system for the same reason. Without working at the root level, which is in the mind, no disease can be eradicated completely. Yoga therapy, which is as ancient as yoga, works on all level of human existence (pancha kosas). The knowledge of Prana and the vital sheet (Prana Maya Kosa) is the revelation of the bridge between body and mind. The mind consists of emotional and wisdom sheaths. And the highest sheath is blissful sheath. All sheaths have to be taken into consideration in order to become free from diseases.

The five sheaths of existence (PANCHA KOSHA TATWA) from ‘Taittiriya Upanishad’ are Anna Maya Kosa (Physical sheath) Prana Maya Kosa (vital sheath), Mano MayaKosa (emotional sheath), Vijnana Maya Kosa (wisdom sheath) and the Ananda Maya Kosa (blissful sheath). Yoga therapy works on these entire five sheaths with Asana (Yogic postures), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Kriya (cleansing techniques), Dhyana (meditation), Relaxation and other Special techniques like cyclic relaxation & Prana chanalising, for a complete elimination of disease and for bringing about full and wholesome health. ARSHA YOGA offers perfect surroundings away from the busy world close to the nature for a complete progress in all levels towards perfection.

Model Example

“Eighteen months ago I got optic neuritis and later I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I started to get quite a large amount of drugs containing corticosteroids. …………………………. They gave me a special group of exercises associated with meditation.  At home I practice almost every day and if I have a question or a problem, I contact Meera & Harilalji and they were always willing to help me. 

Today, I do not take steroids, and my health has greatly improved.  Now I’m involved in all my activities, which I previously had to give up due to the disease and feel very good mentally and physically. My thanks to both of them for all their help.  I am very much confident to recommend their therapy to people with the same disease.”   Jindra, Czech Republic