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Daily Online Open Class - Everyday 6:00 am – 7:30 am IST

365 days in a year – 365 days yoga 6:00 am – 7:30 am (Indian Standard Time)

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(yoga doesn’t take time off, therefore even Sundays and holidays)

Arsha Yoga offers everyday at 6am a Hatha Yoga open class for intermediate level. The class includes warm-up practices, asanas, deep relaxation, pranayama and meditation.

Classes are conducted in Malayalam/English.

For further information and registration, pls contact Harilalji: +91-9446813057 (whattsapp)

Basic yoga course

Duration and timings

  • Online: Commences on 15th of every month. 6 am to 7.30 am IST
  • In person: Commences on 1st of every month.6 am to 7.30 am IST
  • Additionally Private classes will be provided for women ,families, and those who do not prefer the above mentioned time.

Śakti Sādhana – a spiritual practice for women on Saturdays 7:30 - 9 CET

Śakti Sādhana – A spiritual practice for women to reconnect with your inborn feminine power

Saturdays 7:30 – 9 hrs online via ZOOM

When I completed my yoga teacher’s training in 2006 at Yoga Vidya Speyer, asana, pranayama and relaxation – classical yogic practices – were perfect for balancing my physical, emotional and mental state. Only after entering into married life, moving to India (sometimes it feels like to a different planet) and especially after the birth of my daughter, I felt I needed something more in my practice. I started looking for a deeper fulfillment in all my roles as wife, mother, daughter and mainly as a woman. As usual with more experience in Yoga, I experimented wirh adapting my Yoga practice to all physical, emotional and mental changes that are present throughout the month. Instead of neglecting these changes like I did before, I started seeing them as a boon or siddhis (powers) that I could use for different tasks and situations. Once I started living in connection with my monthly cycle, I also started feeling a deeper connection not only with myself and my female energies, but also with other women in my life and even my female ancestors. Thanks to this recognition, I started to act more compassionately and kindly with myself and others. I found that ambition, efficiency, consumerism and goal orientation – source of happiness as per the modern society – became insignificant and qualities such as care, nurturing, gentleness, timelessness, flow yet firmness and power started prevailing.

In this course, I would like to gently guide other women back to their connection with their inborn feminine nature, back to the power that each of us has inside. By reconnecting to our divine feminine nature, we create a safe space where old wounds may heal, where contradicting feelings and emotions may coexist, where old can be released and something new and magical created.

What is Sakti Sadhana?

Sakti Sadhana consists of 5 main pillars:

Mantra: those of you who know me closer, know, that mantra belongs to my daily practice. I use kirtan to open and feel my heart. I use vedic mantras to strengthen the masculine aspect and discipline.

Yoga Nidra: we practice yoga nidras that correspond to the different cycles in a woman’s life such as cyclic wisdom, pregnancy, birth, menopause, post-menopause including thematic visualisations under the guidance of the daśa mahāvidyā – the 10 tantric goddesses.

Mudra: we use different mudras, hand gestures and symbolic postures of the body to channalise prana, our life force and connect to our soul.

Bhakti: bhakti, the path of devotion is natural to a woman as an emotional human being and the easiest of all yoga path to connect with. We connect to our spiritual heart, who is HER, our inner teacher.

Sangha: sangha means in Sanskrit community or company and in our context, the concept of sisterhood. When a community, a circle of like- minded women come together, just like it has been a tradition in many cultures for thousands of years, old wounds find a safe space to heal and

life stories may be expressed and are heard with an open heart and without judgement or competition.

This is a 90 min drop-in class, but over time we will form a stable group to progress on our journey. The class will take place on Saturdays at 6:30 am UK, 7:30am Europe, 8:30 am Bulgaria. If you would like to join, please drop me an email at [email protected] or Whattsapp me +420-776193556 and I will send you the bank details and the ZOOM link.

Fees: 1 class 450 inr/15 €/250czk; 5 classes pass 1.900inr/80€/1.008czk


Shakti Sadhana is like coming home.
If you are open for something new following your instincts (6th sense or now better saying your heart): something wonderful can start to happen. Over a number of classes practicing soft and mindful asanas, mudras and yoga Nidra I started, feeling my heart, feeling my heart breathing and and how it’s getting connected with my womb. I never thought about being different by being a woman – I felt being a human being, being my self in a suitable female body… This did not change during my motherhood and not during the number of years practicing Hatha yoga. And now the change has begun.
The way Meera teaches the shakti yoga practices immediately touched my self / my heart – I always feel like coming home. Coming home to my female SELF. Meera teaches her Yoga and Shakti wisdom along with a deep understanding of the western and as well Indian world into the whole world along with Asanas, Mudras and Yoga Nidra. It is an international class (thanks to Zoom, a video conferencing technology) with wonderful other ladies from different cultures and countries. I can feel the power of women being connected all over the world.
Thank you Meera

Om sarva mangala mangalye śive sarvārtha sādhike śaraṇye tṛyambake gauri nārāyanī namosthute.

In service of Shakti,


Online Satsang - Every Saturday 7 pm to 8:30 pm IST

Every Saturday Night  7 pm to 8:30 pm (Indian Standard Time) –  Where East meets West

Join us for our weekly satsang live from Arsha Yoga, India, where Western knowledge encounters Eastern spirituality in “sanga” (togetherness) with the intention of “sat” (truth/kindness).

Learn to chant to soothe your emotions, meditate and more! No experience necessary, just bring an open heart and mind.

We will stream via Zoom at 7 pm in India, 2:30pm UK&Ireland, 15:30 Germany/Czech Republic/Netherlands/Austria, 16:30 Bulgaria.

Structure of our satsang:
– Bhagavad Gita chanting
– meditation
– kirtan (singing)
– spiritual talk
– śānti mantras

This is a free event, but donations to Arsha Yoga are welcome through Transferwise ( Bank transfer details: Name – Marie Karanath, Account number – 13011060002572, ISFC code – HDFC0001301. Suggested donation 5-10€. Please do not let money be a barrier to you joining us.

General guidelines for using ZOOM:
1) Install Zoom app and add your profile picture & name in your zoom account.
2) Please arrange your space ready and set up the connection at least 1 hr prior to the session time, so that we can start smoothly all together. Also ensure that you are online 5 minutes before the opening time. Once meditation starts, you may need to wait till meditation finishes.
3) Attend satsang from a silent and closed room for full involvement.
4) Either sit down on a yoga mat or sit on a chair without back support with your feet resting on a mat comfortably.
5) Mute your microphone unless you have any questions. At the time of question, you may give a sign.
6) Send a text on zoom if any disturbance or low volume occurred from our side.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 515 615 7150
Password: 1010

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in the virtual world.

Community mantra chanting

Experience the powerful effect of chanting Sanskrit mantras.

Everyday at 6pm IST via Zoom on Tuesdays, Fridays Lalita Sahasranāma (thousand names of mother Goddess) and all other days Viṣnu Sahasranāma (thousand names of Lord Vishnu).

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