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Arsha means ancient spiritual knowledge. In ancient times in India, spirituality and science were not in contradiction to each other. Rishis were scientists as well as the revealer of spiritual knowledge to the society. They were able to explain the matter, life as well as cosmic energy.

Gu means darkness and Ru means light. Guru is the one who removes the darkness of ignorance and lights up wisdom. A guru is the one who is knowledgeable, wise and authentic and he guides others through his wisdom. Kulam means home. Gurukulam is the home of the guru. Wisdom is not something we can teach. One has to live with a guru and experience his life. It is passed on to the deserved disciple when the right time comes. Arsha Yoga Gurukulam means the home where one gains ancient knowledge by living together with the teacher.

Arsha Yoga Gurukulam is located in silent village surroundings of central Kerala, where traditional knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda and Vedanta is being impaired.

The Gurukulam provides accommodation in double rooms with attached bathroom.

The Ashram provides two simple vegetarian ayurvedic meals per day that suit the learning and practicing of yoga and two times chai and snacks.

We take effort to provide homegrown organic vegetables and fruits from our garden to the guests. What we eat, we serve also. We do not use any chemical detergents such as washing powder or cleaning detergent. Our main home makers are vinegar, baking soda and soapnuts. Even though the soil is mostly sandy, since some time, our garden doesn’t need any extra fertilizer, as we use the mixture of cow dung from our Lakshmi and compost waste. We can proudly say, that you cannot find such a green land anywhere along the beach stripe.

Experience authentic local living with an international family flair.

How do you get here:

By train: nearest train station is Thrissur (22 km – 45 min journey)

By air: the nearest international airport is Cochin (COK) (60 km – 1.5 to 2 hrs journey)

By bus: the bus stop is called Vadanapally. From Guruvayur catch the bus to Ernakulam/ Kodungalur. From Thrissur catch the bus to Thriprayar/Vatanapally and get down at Vatanapally. From Ernakulam (Cochin) catch the bus to Guruvayur and get down at Vatanapally stop, which is a 2-hour bus journey. From Vatanapally one can call an autorickshaw to Gayatri. Tell the driver to go to Edasheri beach. The ride will cost you approx. 80 Rs.

If you are interested the ashram can arrange the transfer from/to the Cochin airport for approx 2.200 INR or pick you up from the railway station.

In respect of the local culture and in consideration of the ashram life please follow the ashram guidelines:

  • Alcohol, drugs, smoking and non-vegetarian diet (meat, fish or eggs) are prohibited during the ashram stay.
  • Long pants and t-shirt covering the shoulders are required for the ashram stay. Tight fitting and transparent clothing should be  avoided.
  • For swimming, women are requested to wear shorts down to their knees and a t-shirt covering the shoulders.
  • In respect of the local culture kindly restrain expressions of affection (like hugging or kissing) in public.
  • This is plastic FREE zone. If you bring any plastic bags or bottles with you, please think of packing them with you when you leave
  • Mosquito nets, first aid kit, boiled water are provided and eco-friendly washing soap can be purchased from the ashram.
  • Be punctual in schedule, so that you can keep the rhythm of the ashram.
  • The gate will be locked everyday at 6 pm.
  • Observe silence before morning pranayama class, after evening satsang and during food time.  Kindly keep the lights out time which is 9:30pm.
  • Latest arrival time for courses and family yoga stay is 5 pm.
  • Shoes, and to a lesser degree, feet, have unclean associations. Shoes are not allowed in any of the ashram buildings, especially in places of worship and dining. Shoes should be left neatly in the spaces provided. Avoid pointing your feet at the altar or teacher as this is considered disrespectful.
  • In India, as the left hand is generally used for personal hygiene, one should avoid using the left hand when interacting with others. In our Indian ashrams, meals are served in the traditional manner by sitting on the floor and eating with the right hand. It is considered rude to offer anything or serve food etc. with the left hand. Eat, give and receive (especially food and prasad) with your right hand.
  • All books are symbolically associated with Saraswasti – the goddess of learning and creativity. It is considered disrespectful to place the feet or sit on books.
  • Do not bring any drinks or food items from outside to the ashram as this disrupts the schedule and diet suitable for ashram life. If you have any dietary requirements due to health reasons, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

The guidelines have been set up in order to maintain a pure atmosphere and make the ashram stay a true spiritual experience for its guests.

FACILITIES: library and internet access are available upon request.


The Arsha Yoga Gayatri is closed during the monsoon season (May 1st to August 31st). Full schedule runs from October to March.


Temperature stays steady all year round at around 30 degrees.


Flashlight, toiletries, alarm clock, water bottle, cotton yoga mat (We don’t use rubber mats as these tend to shed plastic pieces after some use. If you don’t have one made out of cotton, you can buy one from us for a nominal price.), thin towel and laundry soap (both can be purchased from the ashram), sun screen, hat, swim suit (for women t-shirt covering the shoulders and shorts down to the knees), mosquito repellent (beach area has less mosquitoes due to wind and mosquito nets are provided for each bed), passport and visa copy needed for police registration.

DAILY SCHEDULE for Family Yoga Stay:

05.30 a.m : WAKE-UP
06.00 a.m – 07.30 a.m : ASANA class (including pranayama and meditation)
08.00 a.m : BREAKFAST
01.00 p.m : LUNCH
04.00 p.m : CHAI
07.00 p.m : DINNER
07.00 p.m : MEDITATION & SATSANG on Saturdays only
09.30 p.m : LIGHTS OUT

Please note that the schedule is subject to change according to the type of course.