Ashram, My Home

Dear friends and enemies also 😉, some time ago, I wrote an article about the Amritapuri ashram and other ashrams in general titled “Ashram Life”. Today, I am ready to disclose my experience running an ashram in my own family home. Kindly excuse my politically incorrect language in some abstracts of this article. Maybe it will sound bias, but I feel that I have to be bias (exclusive) if I want to run the ashram sincerely and at the same time, be there for my family and preserve my own health. Namaste and cheers!

Safe and Loved – in the Arms of a Living Saint

When we hear the word ashram, we think of a strict and rigorous routine that will limit us in our “freedom”. Once I also thought this way. We have to follow a fixed schedule. We have a limitation to exit the ashram premises. Some strangers in orange dress tell us what to do… Have you asked yourself why it is so? Is it because they want to torture us? Yes, when looking for an answer to our questions, we should always ask why it is so and maybe there is a reason for that, which we cannot see at the moment. As me and Harilalji are the organisers of the Bhagavad […]

Healing is a Process of Accepting All, Then Choosing the Best!

I am writing this article to close the chapter of my “spiritual hospital retreat” mainly to give news to my family (in the sense of family = love and trust) all around the world who cared for me during this turbulent time and maybe to motivate other people who go through difficult times at the moment. Experience differs but patterns are similar. This is the reason why I am writing in English to reach out to as many people as possible and maybe to polish my own language skills also 🙂 Warning: it is long but in my opinion definitely worth at least a try! Whilst in hospital, I noted down […]

Among the Shadows of Grey

For today`s article I got inspired during my walk in Germany where the street sign said: “By following the rules, you save yourself a penalty ticket.” This sign triggered a further thought: “Can human beings follow discipline only when non-compliance results in punishment?” During my teaching in trainings or short-term seminars I seem to come across the same cognitive pattern of “black and white” thinking without noticing the shadows of grey. I am not trying to blame anyone, but to point out a repetitive behaviour that can significantly curb our feeling of happiness and completeness. In terms of our school, family and social education we were taught to think in one […]

Being a Woman and the Concept of an Indian Marriage

“I do” to whom? Not to you but to your whole family! As I married into an Indian family, people had asked me about “the Indian marriage” thousands of times and I waited and waited until today. The last drop to my cup of motivation in writing this article was an article in today’s newspaper theTimes of India, where an 18 year old couple was found hanged in a house somewhere in Kerala due to disagreement on marriage arrangements of the daughter with her parents. Still even today, most marriages in India are arranged. The “other kind” is called love marriage 🙂. Do you ask yourself that arranged marriage is not […]