When One Night Seems Longer Than Your Whole Life

WARNING: this article is long, even I needed the patience to write down my whole experience, but there is an urge inside of me to process these events of the last days now from the comfort of my seafront garden. April 5 – day 1 This day we set off on our long awaited journey to Bhutan, a Himalayan country, where there is no GDP (gross domestic product) but just an GHP (gross happiness product). This is the only country in the world without any traffic lights and whose CO2 footprint doesn’t exceed the O2 production as 78% of the country remains covered with dense forests. The medical care and education […]

India – My Guru

The word Guru doesn’t exactly mean “just” a teacher as it is often translated. It comes from the Sanskrit: गुरु, where gu means darkness and ru means dispeller. Guru is the one who removes darkness of ignorance and lights up wisdom. A guru is the one who is knowledgeable, wise and authentic and guides others through his wisdom. In this regard India has been my greatest Guru so far. India is also being referred to as the Mother. Ancient Indian proverb says: “mata, pita, guru, daivam.” This saying describes our life journey. In another words, for a baby first comes the mother, than the father, who introduces the child to the outside world, then the […]

Golden Qualities of a Teacher

One thing I realised during the past 9 years of dedicated work as a co-founder of an ashram and a yoga therapist and what I call “ashram police”. No matter how long the list of the ashram rules and regulations is, there is always someone who will be an inspiration to make a new one, if you know what I mean 😉 Some people refuse to wear the training uniform altogether. Some make their sleeves and trousers shorter and shorter everyday. Others try to get friendly with the kitchen staff to close favourable deals later or escape outside of the gate even after the night fall. As you can see, the […]

How Advanced of a Yogi am I?

Nowadays, Yoga has become a prosperous business like no other. Every month there will be a different yoga style being trademarked in the US that costs 5.000 USD and only its certified trainers are allowed to train others. Is this what the sage Patanjali has once foreseen? But who cares about Patanjali anyways, main thing is it sells! Am I advanced if I have a special aromatherapy oil to spray on my yoga mat, the stretch organic cotton bra that match in colour with my yoga outfit or the travel mug with a picture of Ganesha? But did you notice? It is all about having and the possession of outside objects. […]

Palm trees, burning sun… What’s this Christmas all about?

Sitting in the shade of a coconut tree in front of the house, overlooking the shimmering colours of the Arabian Sea and reminiscing about Christmas. 8 years ago I exchanged my life in a metropolitan city in Europe for a life at a deserted beach in central Kerala, south India for whatever reasons that are still not fully known to me. 😉 True to my own tradition, I planted a Christmas tree into the sandy soil 7 years ago and unlike other tropical plants which have grown into lush giants over time, the foreign species of a pine tree has remained more or less the same, so that this year I […]