Yoga Therapy Training (Germany)

Yoga Therapy Training (Germany)


20:00 / 23:00

Yoga Vidya

  • Yogaweg 7

In ancient times, yoga used to be taught one-on-one. Today, group yoga classes are a more common phenomenon. However, if we want to assist our students in the most efficient way in response to their specific needs, we need individual yoga or in another words yoga therapy.

In this four weeks course we build on a concept that each body and mind is unique. It is impermanent and can be moulded at any given time. It changes with time, disease or as adjustment to external conditions. If we want to improve health in a holistic way, we need to look closely at a few factors: body, breath and its associate prana, different parts of the mind, the concept of soul and eternal happiness.

It is the birth right of every human being to feel healthy and fulfilled. You don’t have to change your partner, your house or the country of residence. You only need to change your attitude and restore the feeling of completion which is already within you but has been covered by layer of conscious or unconscious thoughts, impressions and experiences. In this sense yoga therapy doesn’t mean learning but rather unlearning.

Join us for the one month journey within! Only when you know yourself, you will be able to direct others on the similar internal quest for sustainable happiness.
An ongoing training for yoga teachers in the nuances of yoga and individual assistance with a 10 year old tradition.