Each person is unique. Therefore there are as many “yogas” as there are people on this planet. The same yoga pose done by two people will look differently on the outside and definitely felt differently on the inside. Our aim is to find a suitable practice for your unique body and mind.

This concept of human uniqueness hits the nail on the head particularly in treatment of psychosomatic diseases such as allergies, asthma, multiple sclerosis, back pain, diabetes, heart disease, migraine etc. where the fluctuation in bodily comfort and mind steadiness is high. If you take two people with migraine, their yoga practice will not be the same. Both suffer of headache but they might have other problems such as back pain or asthma.

A person does not only consist of a body and a mind. There is also an energy level, which connects both  and a part which we call the soul. All sections of our existence are interconnected and during the process of healing we have to balance each of them separately in order for them to finally work together in harmony. Practices which will help you to restore health are the following: proper diet and asanas or conscious body movements for the body, breathing and cleansing techniques for harmonisation of energy (prana), meditation and chanting for balancing your emotions, inspirational and motivational talk in support of your wisdom and willpower, activities for your soul. The right mixture of all these components will create your personal health elixir.

In this case the therapist is your advisor and guide. You, yourself will learn to take responsibility for your own health and sense of well-being and happiness.  This requires a continuous effort from the part of the student, yet when mastered this method restores self-esteem and trust in the practice. Yoga is no magic and in yoga there is no shortcut. Only by constant effort, endeavour and right understanding we can reach our goal which might be health in the first place. When we are healthy, we can concentrate on the spiritual aspects of yoga and find more meaning in our life and remain less dependent on the external conditions.

We can offer you the following healing programs:

  1. retreat with us at Arsha Yoga in south India, Kerala under individual guidance
  2. introduction session via Skype and continuous practice with one of our certified yoga therapists around the world