Courses/Retreats/Events in INDIA

Why India? Don’t people starve there? Girl children get aborted and women get raped? This is often the only image that we get exposed to through the Western media. Of course, India is a fast-growing and changing society with the corresponding challenges. Yet, it still lives its’ 5000 years old history and knowledge almost in an unmodified form. The ancient holistic scientific disciplines such as yoga and Ayurveda emerged in India and gain significance in today’s hectic world, where modern medicine cannot often offer a helping hand.

So why should you travel all the way to India to attend a course? India cannot be described in words, it cannot be even experienced, it has to be lived. Away from your daily routine and thought patterns, you will get a chance to break your habitual thinking patterns and pave the way for a change. You can read more about the Indian experience in the blog article “India – My Guru”.

For more info about our courses and retreats in India, please click on the events below.

  • Happiness Reloaded: Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat for MS

  • Yoga Therapy Training Level 2 – Yoga Psychology

  • Yin Yoga Training – Anatomical Foundations

  • Yoga Ashram Retreat to South India 2019


If you wish to come as an individual guest or a couple, you are welcome to book through Airbnb: